About Us

Guangdong Yuesheng Houseware Technology Co. Ltd.

Welcome to Yesoon family! We’re located in Shantou Special Economic Zone, ChenghaiLinghai Industrial Zone since 2013. With its superior terrain and convenient transportation, it is known as the "Silk Road" of Chaoshan. At the same time, it is also the hometown of red headed boats. We dedicated to providing two major product series: plastic products and paper products. Yesoon is a comprehensive company integrating technology research and development, manufacturing, and market operations.With the concept of safe & environmental production and advanced production technology Plastic products adhere to the production principle of high-quality exclusive production. The preservation box is anti-freeze low-temperature resistance. The size is complete to meet the market demand, and the colorful customized brand is exclusive.Paper products adhere to the concept of "it is not just a food container", and produce unique, environmentally friendly and fashionable products such as blue and white porcelain and pandas; colored paper straws, standardized production in dust free workshop, degradable and more environmentally friendly.Yesoon conforms to the needs of the times and the market, and has successively passed BRC, ISO9001/ISO14001, SEDEX, ISO45001, ISO22000 and other system certifications, and its products have passed China GB, US FDA, EU and other countries' food packaging material product safety testing.Yesoon has 150 employees, actively introduces advanced management systems, and continuously improves process technology. At the same time, Yesoon actively carried out cultural construction activities and supervised the learning results in real time, laying the foundation for building a modern first-class enterprise. At present, relying on its own advantages and the regional advantages of the "Greater Pearl River Delta" economic circle, the company has more than 500 partners, covering all parts of the country and abroad, making it the best choice for demanders.Yesoon will continue to develop and expand the company with advanced production concepts, strong production technology and talent team, until it becomes a leader in the paper and plastics manufacturing industry with more sophisticated technology and more professional services, creating a shining Brilliant new future!